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Padarn Property Management aims to look after all our tenants with the same levels of professionalism and courtesy we afford to all our clients.

Your deposit cheque is held with The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) until the end of your tenancy. It is then refundable, subject to the property being in the condition in which it was described in the inventory. To avoid any problems over this, a comprehensive inventory is carried out at the beginning and referred to at the end of the tenancy. This protects both you and the landlord.

Please use the properties link to find a property that suits you. If you require any further information or wish to view a property, then please give us a call or pop into the office and we’ll be glad to help. Our email address can be found on the contacts page.

Student Fees

Deposit Registration: £0.00
Tenant Referencing: £0.00
Guarantor Referencing: £0.00

Late payment fees

Rent not received on due date: £20.00 including VAT
Late payments, 7 to 14 days after rent due date: £20.00 including VAT (additional)
Late payments over 14 days after rent due date: £50.00 including VAT (additional)
£90.00 including VAT (max due)
Returned Cheques: £20.00 including VAT

Additional costs

Loss of Internal Key: £ cost dependent on lock type
Loss of External Key (which needs a replacement lock): £ cost dependent on lock type and number of keys required
Out of hour's callout for lost/forgotten keys: £15.00 including VAT
Unnecessary Callout: £Engineer's fee
Amendment to existing Contract: £25.00 plus VAT
Early Termination of contract: £90.00 plus VAT
Early Termination of contract: £90.00 plus VAT (tenant must find replacement before termination and be agreed by all parties)
Pre inspection on tenants vacating: £0.00

All above fees will be at Padarn Property Management's discretion



For student tenancies, we always require guarantors. The Guarantor form is normally filled out along with the tenancy agreements.

We are aware that, due to personal circumstances, it may be difficult to obtain a guarantor for your tenancy. An example of this might be for international students. In these cases, Padarn Property Management may ask for six or more months rent upfront. However, we understand that this can be prohibitive, and we are happy to speak with you about what may be most suitable course of action for you and your situation.

Guarantors need to be based in the U. K. and working.


Moving in

Upon the submission of the paperwork for all group members and the signing of contracts, we can schedule a moving-in date.

Your tenancy start date is on Page 2 of the tenancy agreement.

Once the previous tenancy ends, we generally carry out a full check of the property, to deduce whether additional maintenance and other work is required. This will normally occur on the first working day after the old tenants have left. There are occasions when cleaners may be required, but after any essential work has been carried out, an inventory will be prepared and then you can sign for your keys and move in.

If maintenance work is required, there is the possibility of disturbance if you move in immediately. Unfortunately this is unavoidable if the property has been left in an unsatisfactory condition, and all work will be carried out with minimal disruption wherever possible.


Storing belongings

You can store your items in the property over the summer months, but as aforementioned the house will need to checked first. It is important to note that your belongings will not be covered by the landlord's insurance and therefore items are stored at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you obtain an adequate insurance policy to cover damage to your belongings.


Reporting repairs

We have an out-of-hours contact number for emergencies. These will be displayed on your notice board, or you can obtain it from our answer phone message on the office line. This number is specifically of use for emergencies, for example water leaks, no electricity, etc.

We have a team of dedicated contractors who work on our properties full-time. They can attend any maintenance issues as required, once raised. If you spot significant issues in the property that cannot be fixed by yourselves, it is important that you tell us at the earliest available opportunity, to avoid escalation of the issue and any subsequent health and safety risks.

Any issues which arise can be reported to us during office hours, from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.



During the initial period (the first three months of your tenancy, over the summer period), you pay 50% of the rent per calendar month. If you wish to stay in the property during the summer, you will be charged the other 50% for each night in the property. If you only intend to stay for one week, you need to return the keys to the office and ensure that they are signed back in to us.

Once the initial period ends, full rent is due for the next nine months (i.e. the academic year).

If any tenant is known to have had their own keys cut, and if the tenant is found in the property with these additional keys, they will be charged from the beginning of that tenancy month.


Moving out

You must vacate the property by midnight of the day before your tenancy end date (for example, if the tenancy start date is the 10th you must vacate the premises by 11:59 pm on the 9th).

Before moving out, you must return the property to its move-in condition. There will be an allowance for fair wear-and-tear; however, the property must be cleaned to the same standard it was when you moved in.



Under the Housing Act (2004), all deposits paid for Assured Shorthold Tenancies are required to be protected under a tenancy deposit scheme. At the time of the new legislation's creation, there were three deposit schemes. There are now several additions to this list.

Padarn Property Management is a member of the Deposit Protection Scheme. You can visit the DPS website, via .

As part of your application you will be given information about the use of the deposit. This is legally required and is called "Prescribed information".


Getting your deposit back

As part of your checkout process at the end of the tenancy, we perform a closing inspection or checkout on the property.

This inspection includes any defects in the property for the landlord's attention, as well as any areas where damage has occurred. The overall cleanliness of the property will also be noted. We will note if it appears to be beyond normal wear and tear, and will bill you for any additional work required following your exit.

The landlord will consider the report, and decide if any charges need to be made. For bills-inclusive contracts, the landlord will also look at the overall energy consumption to ensure that you have not exceeded your inclusive allowance.

We will then seek your agreement for any charges to be deduced from the deposit.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the deposit scheme used (DPS, see above) have a dispute service that can be used. This can only be used, upon agreement from both parties.

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